On May 12th-24th, 2014, I traveled with a group of Honors students from the University of Houston to Port-au-Prince Haiti for a research and clinical trip.

During our time in Haiti we visited elementary and high school classes at the 28 Delmas Church where we spoke with students about cultural differences and similarities, teaching some English and learning some Kreyol along the way. Also during our time at 28 Delmas we visited a nursing school, learning about local herbal remedies and exchanging medical knowledge.

We spent our second week volunteering in clinics through the organization Mission Discovery in Onaville and Capva, administering basic medical care and distributing vitamins, antibiotics, and deworming medications. When we weren’t working, we were having a blast playing with the kids.

Throughout our visit we stayed at the New Life Children’s Home, an orphanage located in central Port-au-Prince. For more information, please visit http://www.newlife4kids.org, http://www.missiondiscovery.org, and http://www.uh.edu/honors/.


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