A video montage from a backpacking trip through Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand.


Trailer for “The Houston Refugee and Immigrant Documentary” (working title), a short film currently in post-production.


“Absurdo,” a tango music video featuring several talented Seattle musicians and dancers.


Produced for the non-profit Bridging For Tomorrow’s “Plant A Seed” fundraiser, this video highlights the organization’s counseling initiative, one of many initiatives that the group supports.


Funded by the University of Houston Honors College, this promotional video explores issues such as voluntourism, medicine, and the effectiveness of aid in the rural village of Santa Ana, Honduras.


This short film was completed after traveling to Port-au-Prince, Haiti in May of 2014, where I documented the efforts of students and faculty from the University of Houston who started a therapy program for the 2010 earthquake survivors, and who provided medical care at clinics in rural communities.


“Share, Fight, Care” was my first documentary project, which I completed with the help of three other classmates in a non-fiction storytelling class. The film follows an organization in Houston that shares vegetarian food with the homeless community, and a City Hall ordinance that tried to stop them.


This film documents the artistic and environmental efforts of Habitable Spaces, an organic farm and artists’ residency in Kingsbury, Texas. Exploring topics such as sustainability, creativity, food, and community, this short film provides viewers with a slice of Texas culture that is not known to most people. This documentary was named an official selection of the 27th Annual Dallas VideoFest and was screened at the Bayou City Food and Film Festival in Houston. 


This video was completed for Dr. Temple Northup at the University of Houston who was researching youth’s role in the relatively new local and organic food movement. Highlighting the importance of kids’ role in their community, this video documents college students who are visiting an elementary and middle school to teach them the importance of healthy eating.


This video was created to aid in fundraising for the Hope Stone, Inc. dance company, which was organizing a dance recital to be performed for children in both inner-city communities and in rural areas along the Texas/Mexico border. 


A video project I did after spending half a year abroad and having the opportunity to travel around Europe.


This short piece demonstrates the efforts of the Gregory Lincoln Education Center (as seen in It Takes a Village) as they attempt to show inner-city students the importance of growing and eating fruits and vegetables, and the importance of participating in the growth and benefit of their own community.




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